Seo myths – do not fall prey to them

seo Sunshine Coast has really taken its place in the internet marketing for a long time now. In its way up it has really created some myths which are really difficult to pass by. The search engine algorithms are being updated almost every day and experts are trying to cope up with the all sorts of issues that may cause harm to the sites they are doing SEO for. Although SEO has evolved a lot from its basic but still there exists few myths that are not really easy to overcome.

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Few of the well known SEO Myths:
1. SEO is one time service: SEO is not really a onetime service. You need to constantly monitor the SEO process, how it is responding and all so that you can change your tactics when there is a new update. If you do SEO for once and let it be, you can be rest assured that your site will be found nowhere in the search result after an update in the search engine algorithms
2. SEO after Site Launch:
It is always good to start SEO even before the site is launched. This will give you opportunity to share your content, your products over social media as soon as they are launched.  It will save you a lot of time and money as well. When you start SEO after the site is launched, it is bound to happen that you will need to share your previous contents over social media which is not really a smart thing to do. Instead if you can go on simultaneously then you are sure to attract people with the latest posts and updates.
3. Meta Tag is very important:
In practical instances, the Meta keywords are not really a boost to your website rank on search engine. Rather than that you must bring better product and service that will help you get better customer. Also, you can put your money for your branding as well.
4. No need of Local SEO:
This is totally a wrong conception and you will understand once you search on google about the traffic percentage.  You will see that, a huge percentage of traffic comes from local areas and this is the reason why you should not let go of this opportunity. What you need to do is, list your business online and start doing local SEO today to boost your product or service sell.
5. Number 1 position matters:
Well, it is not about getting the first position on google search. It is about the service you provide to your customers. Although a good position might help you in getting customers but a better site and a good service will surely get you work even if you are at the 3rd or the 4th position on Google search.
So, these are few of the myths and of course now you should know that none of them are really worthy of believing. So, work hard, and make sure you do not act as per the myth says. GET YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE TODAY



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